Saturday, 22 November 2014

Washington September 27th more fun

It was a very busy day in Washington, you can spend so much time there, how we managed see what we did was amazing but maybe one day we will return to see more.

After the Indian museum we went to the Natural History and Science Museum too. There are 3 floors each divided into different exhibitions.
This poor elephant was shot for the exhibition a long time ago and "re built, its in the main hall.

What big teeth you have!

One of the areas is devoted to early transport, below are cars that did the original "route 66" across America from the East to the West coast.

An early caravan
A very early fire engine

This was "Googles" first "cork" server from 1999, not that long ago really
One of the damaged supports from the world trade centre
A mummified bull
A scene from the war they chose to hide in Vietnam 

The boy would have been a little snack for this shark

Yes he was alive, there were lots of live insects spiders and butterflies on display

The worlds oldest rock
The world most expensive rock, The Hope Diamond I thought it would have been much bigger.
The story goes that the Hope diamond was much bigger but it was stolen recut and disguised. Thought it was on quite a scruffy support, there was a one security guard in the room and wasn't really paying much attention. Then again it is in a glass case and think there maybe a sensor if it was lifted up from its support.   

Don and Glenys on the USA trip
Agua Therapy was in Grenada for the Hurricane season

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