Thursday, 16 July 2015

Enjoying the amazing Bahamas in May

Enjoying the amazing Bahamas in May
7th May 2015
The weather now is much better in some respects although squalls can be a surprise we don't want. The wind now predicted to be in the right direction but very much depleted so its more motoring for us.

A 07:15 start so we can be in Rudder Cay nice and early in fact we had gone through the cut on an ebb tide with a 2 knot current against us, dropped the hook at 13:44.

Only 2 other yachts in when we arrived but others arrived later. Its a very pretty place another crystal clear sea and white sand beach however the island is private and has a trespassers warning sign and solar powered cameras on tall poles.

There didn't seem much to see anyway
We had read about a sunken statue which sounded worth a look so off in the dinghy for us with the snorkel gear, there's really no need for diving gear here the water is very shallow and there is not much to see apart from the odd shark.

The Statue of a mermaid with a Steinway piano sat waiting for us, it did take a while to find. Apparently she was provided by David Copperfield the illusionist which was close to his island of Musha Cay but he had so much attention by the crowds he had it re located to Rudder Cay.

Anchored just opposite this cave
Lovely calm sunset 
8th May Great Majors Spot
Just a 7 hour trip I won't say sail as we had to motor for most of it, just the headsail for a little while. So here we are in Staniel Cay for the second time, we tried to anchor just a little way from the town but the depth yet again was too shallow so back to almost the same place on our first time here in Great Majors spot.

Otherwise known as the "bay of pigs" swimming pigs, not my favourite animal apart from a hog roast or best back bacon or sausage. Yes they do swim, cruisers go ashore with tit bits and manage to pet them however folks do get their backsides bit when they grow impatient for food. Don persuaded me to go in the dinghy, as we approached the beach the big pigs swam close by.

Look at the fish behind her
Don, I think you have her attention
Not very enamoured with our offerings 

When we stepped ashore armed with vegetable peelings in a bag, they followed us but didn't seem to like our meagre offerings, preferring to take tortillas from another dinghy that had just landed, so as I said I'm not fond of pigs I was able to stand back and watch the fun as a family were being pestered for food.

We spent 2 nights at Staniel Cay and met a couple of other yachts we knew, one couple from Grenada on Scherzo with Scott, Paula and Jack the chief of security dog.
The other boat we had heard of named Morpheus of London with Richard and Jan we were told to keep an eye open from another couple Dan and Ruth from Evensong, we met them in Martinique in our first season.

Morpheus of London with Richard and Jan friends of friends

Ok where next? to one of our favourite places in the Bahamas Warderick Wells marine reserve, can't wait.
Glenys and Don
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