Friday, 8 June 2012

The Ark ?

Don has been so hard at work, he has a work bench set up most days cutting wood for all sorts. People keep asking him if he is building an "Ark" 

Here are another 2  panels finished just have to connect the SSB radio up later, Don has just checked all the instruments and said they are all working.

Went to our favourite restaurant La Marqusita for dinner last week with our neighbour John, there were flowers on every table, its very nice. It was lovely to sit outside and eat.

Don in a pensive mode.

Our friend John

Work now in progress more shelves for the forward cabin wardrobe. 
Its beginning to get very warm now, we have used the air con a few times now, it soon gets turned off when my fingers and toes turn blue. 

We have ordered a "Parasailor" which is basically a huge sail ready for the crossing, we should collect it in Gibraltar in September.
Hopefully the covers for the winches and tender will be done soon.

There was a boat race last week which started here, it went on for 2 days, all sizes of boats entered, quite exciting to see them all going out, we were so glad we didn't go out that day.