Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wednesday 15th May and beyond

Weds 15th May Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale: Wow! talk about shock after months of not seeing any buildings then seeing high rise places was so different, I said to Don as we were entering FL shall we turn around and go back.

Fort Lauderdale from the sea our first view
Nice little place on the river
We gingerly entered the ICW and ventured along the canal to meet Geoff and Stroma friends of John our weatherman. 

The first night we spent in a very busy canal which was ok and our induction to the USA.
As it was Sunday we called immigration to say we had arrived so the following day we went to the customs and immigration building which was pretty painless compared to most reports form other cruisers so the advance planning worked fine.

Geoff and Stroma very kindly took us under their wings, fed and watered us in their home and arranged to meet us the following day.
We took a walk along the canal and had a drink or 2 not too far from the boat.

A relief to be off the boat

Sights along the river
Things that pass us on the river 
Really wouldn't fancy one of these properties much 
Water taxi
Just where are we ? I don't get it

 They showed us a few places in the canals to moor up and we decided to stay in Fort lauderdale for now. 

Geoff helped Don to negotiate the canals and bridges then we settled in a very quite spot behind a small apartment building it has a laundry, wifi, a garden, a barbecue to use and a pool which I do hope to use soon.
When we first came there were 3 other yachts here we had a few get togethers, very nice people and hopefully we may meet up at a later date.

There are so many huge lizards running around, its sometimes looks like something from Jurassic park. I just realised I only have video and no photos to post, mind you I will have plenty of opportunity to take some very soon the way they stroll about in the garden.

We have hired a car as its a long way to anywhere here. The closest place is Las Olas which seems a very upmarket place. Very pretty at night with the trees decorated with lights. 
There always seems to be flash cars around, Bentley's Ferrari's, Rolls Royce, Porche, you name it they are there. The expensive designer label shops too, no I haven't been shopping Don has to take me everywhere and keeps me on a very tight leash. The nightclubs seem to be busy and by the amount of TV camera vans I guess there are a few famous folk around although we haven't seen anyone yet.

Gardens and pool

So now are looking at staying so that we can "fix the little niggles" and jobs that have to be done before any more serious cruising.

We will lock up the boat for 3 weeks and go to see the family in the UK. That will be the next blog but I'm not sure if this is the right place to post any news.
At the moment its looking like we will stay here for another month, all being well the hurricanes will avoid us, fingers crossed. Not sure just how long we will be here with some of the never ending jobs to do yet.

Agua Therapy
Don and Glenys