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Nashville Tennessee so much to see

18th - September 2014 Nashville Tennessee so much to see
We loved it!
The Country Music Hall of Fame deserves a page of its own so I will make other pages for the remainder of our stay in Nashville.

The hotel provided free transport downtown which was great, we were dropped off by the Country Music Hall of Fame, neither of us are big country music fans but both of us really enjoyed it. There is so much information about so many stars we could have stayed a week to see it all, some stars we recognised and had forgotten and oldies some we have never heard of.

We must have spent hours looking at the exhibits, some had buttons which when pressed you can hear some of your favourites. There are huge walls with so many gold discs from hundreds of artists.


The costumes are there from many greats including Dolly Parton, she must be tiny, in fact we noticed there must be so many small people we always thought were much taller.

Both of the two stage suits were Dolly Partons

One of the exhibits was Elvis's gold and diamond Cadillac complete with a gold plated TV in the back, amongst other things. His gold grand piano was there too, (not in the car).

There must have been every type of guitar and musical instrument ever made, most donated by stars or their relatives, overall the exhibit was one of the best we have been to so far and well worth the admission fee which included an audio unit so you didn't have to read everything.
Come on who can remember these?
Love the Dixie Chicks 
Some of Crystal Gayle s outfits


Jerry Lee Lewis, a bit of a rebel
That twin neck is huge

Apparently Patsy Cline was a bit of a rebel too 
This looks immaculate 
Tammy Wynette s dress 

Its a huge place
If you notice the building has black lines on a light background, how many of you recognise a piano keyboard?

The circular part was indifferent size circles, a 78 record, a 45 record and a cd disc, no idea what they would have to do for an mp3 player. The antenna bit was to represent the radio station.
There has been a lot of thought gone into this exhibition, its very well organised and there is always something going on, if ever you go to Nashville this is a "must see"

Ok next blog more about Nashville, did I mention we love it?

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