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More about Nashville

September 19th 2014 and on
Nashville. Another big page so I'm splitting this one again

Broadway is the main street which has so many bars which have live music most of the time, the first one we went into the band was playing and the singer stood on the bar, then when she left the lady that played the "fiddle" jumped on the bar, she was excellent. We did go in a few others too for a drink or two to check out more music.

Broadway is also full of great places to eat and "cowboy boot shops" the boots start at $350 and go way up in price, Don even tried on a pair but the sales lady told him off for pulling up his trousers so you could see the detail, she said "guys don't do that" whats the point paying all that money when you can't see the detail?
An interesting menu
Great range of colours 
Don liked these

I think they were made for me, pink
Nashville seems to be a very happy place, when you get to the traffic lights and crossings there are speakers playing all kinds of country music. Most places folks were having fun.
Car with a bar

The buildings are huge and one of them has a nickname.
Kids call it "the Batman building"
We walked all over town and noticed "The Johnny Cash Museum
we just took a peek in the shop.

There was a car show of sorts on we watched 3 or 4 people take out a formula one car from a truck they pushed and pulled and steered it from outside the car very carefully, then walked away but I noticed they hadn't "chocked the wheels" and it was on a bit of a slope, so as soon as they turned their backs I shouted "its getting away" you ought to have seen them run and their faces were priceless, didn't get a photo although and they did all laugh afterwards.

Sebastian Vettels car which almost got away
After they had chocked the wheels
In the same area are tiles inlaid with many of the stars names on, some of which have been removed for renovation.

She was missing from Pigeon Forge too!
Nashville is a very clean place and we felt pretty safe at night, they have various exhibitions and stadiums not all dedicated to country music, we found where they have the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, they host a wide range of musical events including classical and world music.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Good aim Don ! sorry he he 
On that "note" if you pardon the pun off I go again before this blog gets way too big.

BFN until  next time for the next part of the Nashville blog, did I mention we like Nashville.

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy (on the land trip in the USA)

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