Thursday, 13 November 2014

Washington DC September 25th 2014

Washington DC September 25th

the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. Its huge we spent all day in there its full of very famous original aircraft and rockets, there are space suits, and craft that went to the moon and so much information about space exploration and the planets.

Don always said I'm fast, hey they spelled my name wrong!

The old
Skylab that never went up, we went inside
You can go inside a skylab one which never actually took off but you can see how they live when they are up in space.

David Scott's suit complete with moon dust

Everyone has to go sometime

How do you fancy launching yourself up on this thing? 
The Spirit of St Louis the first mono plane to do a trans atlantic flight from New York to Paris, the pilot was Charles Lindbergh in 1927
Steve Fosset took this to became the first balloonist to travel round the world by himself in a hot air balloon.
Kids dreaming, air force or navy
Well thats enough for this page although I have so many great photographs of this place I can't post them all.

So the next blog more of Washington, its a great place, the museums are amazing though not all of them are open, they are even building a new one now.

Don and Glenys (on the US trip) now in Grenada working on these pages

Agua Therapy (was tucked up in Grenada)

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