Thursday, 13 November 2014

Another day in Washington September

Another day in Washington DC. September 26th 2014

We took the subway into the city, an excellent way to get about.

Sometimes a challenge buying a ticket at the machines though
We found the National Museum of Crime and Punishment so here is another one, it was very good but we had to pay to go in this one which is not so good.

Bonnie and Clyde's car riddled with holes

The hat they had to wear in the electric chair, bet it was a "hair raising" experience 
This guy must have been there a long time, no I don't mean Don
The gas chamber chair 
Fancy Butt
A head cage
Jesse James and Wyatt Earp are said to have used guns like this
"Old Smokey" the original electric chair
Clever rustlers shoes but come on a 2 legged horse!
Wyatt Earp had one of these too
The mobster stories are all there the "St Valentines day massacre"  Al Capone, mentioned is president Nixon. A death mask of John Dillinger, a mock cell for Al Capone, he didn't have a bad life in prison from what we saw. There's a crime scene which you have to figure out like the TV series CSI, easy really.

Al Capone had a cushy time in prison
Ted Bundy's car, they caught him driving in this
John Dillinger death mask you can see where the bullet came out under his eye, 

Charles Manson now aged 80 still in prison
It was worth the admission fee, Don did well on the shooting range simulator and shot some criminals then had 2 goes of driving a police car simulator.

Go and see the Museum if you are in Washington its not quite as gruesome as you think. If you can't go you can always look at the website, the link to the crime library is here

Ok time to end this page and onto the next part of Washington DC.

Don and Glenys back now in Grenada on Agua Therapy

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