Sunday, 29 July 2012

Boat's mascots and batteries

Some boats have mascots or pets, here are ours and our friends.

Melody and our lion
Meet Cremonte our friends cute dog, I just want to cuddle him.
This is Hamlette the flying pig the story is below
Hamlet is a mascot on Do Littles, our Canadian friends Wally and Lori yacht which they sailed all the way from Canada, they have been travelling around Europe for the last few years. Before they left Canada a friend said "pigs would fly when they reached Europe". So when they did Hamlette arrived. Notice the sunnies to protect her eyes.
Do Littles boys and girls waiting so patiently outside the shoe shop, they didn't take their eyes off the doors. They had a well deserved treat afterwards for being so good.
The situation for some of the new larger batteries
Three of the new batteries which will help us with the power when we are at anchor and at sea, we have another two which will go elsewhere.

Bye for now
Agua Therapy in preparation for the trip

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lift in and bottom anti-fouled now

All painted, hull fittings done now the lift in went well, no leaks thank goodness.

The scary bit

The lift out and progress

The lift out thankfully was uneventful and while Agua Therapy was out the water  Don worked on the through hull fittings ready for the SSB radio, pick up for the water maker and the keel cooler for the new / fridge / freezer. 

Its always a scary time when holes are made through the hull and more so when we are put back in the water, we check there are no leaks while the crane waits for our thumbs up. This time we didn't stay on the boat at night it was way too hot so we stayed for 3 nights in a hotel about 10 minutes walk away.

The grounding plate for the radio

Prop all cleaned and greased

Don had to dismantle the starboard sofa to re position one of the air con units and make space for the water pump and water maker, he is now rebuilding the unit below the sofa then he will install the bits sometime soon I hope, Its been like a giant jig saw puzzle, I'm looking forward to sitting on the new model soon.

Who took the sofa then?
The air con unit is on the left and the watermaker is going on the right, the sofa goes over the top.

More for July

Not too long after we had another visit from the Indian navy a goodwill visit with 4 ships which Don and I went on 3 of them. 

These guys were on duty dressed in black all day poor things must have been so hot

Loved the posters

Nice flag

All the guys were very friendly and answered lots of questions about the ships, I did ask if we could get one of their chefs to make us a curry and was told they were all sick of curry and that evening they were eating a Chinese, typical. They wouldn't let us visit the galley but I had a crafty peak into the corridor to the cabins all lined with mirrors. 
The whole of Cartagena seemed full of men in white uniforms, we feel very sorry for most as they must be so poorly paid they could hardly afford to buy food in town. 

Every morning there was a band playing when the flags went up and occasionally some great Indian music. I asked where they were going from here and they were heading for france then Israel then back home to Bombay.

July still in Cartagena work in progress

Its now the 26th of July and the end is in sight, maybe!
July has been a busy month for not just working on the boat but a little leisure time inside and outside the marina. 
We have had a few "get togethers" food and wine and general social gatherings. 

Outside the marina we had the Spanish navy ship Juan Carlos, an aircraft carrier which I managed to visit with Wally and Lori. it came in late one evening and was lit up like a christmas tree. I bought Don his own wings and so now he can fly his own Harrier jet now (they are pins for his shirt). 
The Juan Carlos aircraft Carrier complete with Harriers. (L61) is a multi-purpose warship in the Spanish Navy (Armada EspaƱola). Similar in concept to the American Wasp class LHDs, it has the addition of a ski jump for STOVL operations. The ship will be equipped with fighter jets of the AV-8B Harrier II type and will primarily be used as an aircraft carrier. The vessel is named in honour of Juan Carlos I, the current King of Spain.

 The Spanish navy are not opposed to a little piracy themselves naughty navy! 

Great ski jump

These are the aircraft details
Ok Next post on its way soon

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cartagena Marina goings on

I know its been a while since the last post but apart from me alone here cleaning and attending the odd party there hasn't been much to post. All kinds of ships / boats come in here so here are a few of the visitors, the latest came in last night a Spanish aircraft carrier with a few fighter jests and several helicopters. Its unusual to see a military ship this close but I suspect the normal navy moorings are full of other battleships and submarines.

The ship is named Juan Carlos I was told its around 2 years old. No doubt of young navy officers in town now on leave.

The gold motor cruiser was outside the office, British owned, they had a lorry deliver the fuel, must have cost a fortune.

I looked up this cruise ship, named Ventura, carries 3500 people, way too big.

To say thank you to the marina staff and local people like vets, the baker, newsagent and Spanish teachers we had a barbecue, loads of meat, all kinds of food, desserts lots of wine and beer too. We payed a silly game afterwards, "bite the bag" basically you have to pick up the bag in your teeth without touching the floor. When everyone has had their turn an inch, sometimes it was 2 " cut from the top. Now that certainly sorted the wheat from the chaff as they say. Good to see 70 year olds partake and do well as well as youngsters. A great night  had by all.

Some were in fits of giggles.

What a showman!

The look of satisfaction on some peoples faces

You should have heard the grunts and groans and that was just the spectators.

Oh, it was the local restaurants opportunity to show off their food so the main walkway into town was lined with small stalls serving yummy tapas. A few of us from the marina walked into town past some of the traditional sailing boats. There was a race between some of the small ones. 
Sorry I didn't take any of the food I was way too busy eating!

Promise not to leave it so long next time.