Saturday, 6 October 2012

Just where does the time go???

Here you go again making excuses, I can hear you saying it.
Well sorry but finding the time to update the blog has been difficult to say the least, its just past 5 in the morning and the body clock is shot to bits now.

Ok a rundown of the last 3 - 4 weeks.
I met Myra in Alicante airport to hand over her car she had return from her trip to South Africa and a visit to the UK. We had arrange our flights on the same day so at least we had a couple of hours to chat and give one another big hugs.

Myra we almost forgot a photo we were in the car park

A 13 day manic Uk visit,
first 2 nights and 1 day with my Mum.
A full day driving for me from Stoke on Trent down to collect the finally retired Don from Heathrow followed by the drive to Plymouth just over 10 hours in total drive to see the kids and more "boat shopping"
Another drive to East midlands airport to drop Don from where he went to Scotland to see his Mum and sister for 4 days.
I stayed with my Mum until Don returned then I drove to Birdham Pool Marina to stay with Steve and Lizzie and visit the boat show in Southampton. Thankfully we booked flights back from Southampton and had booked a taxi to bring us back from Alicante to Cartagena.

Since the return its been non stop work!

It was nice to see Mum of course we went shopping for a new outfit for her as she was going to a christening, this was a very short visit. I didn't take any photos until the return.

When I collected Don at Heathrow it was a very special, at last retired, the poor thing laden down with heavy bags. We were both quite emotional, he told me the touching story of the farewell together at work before he left and about the guys comments. We stayed on the Hoe in Plymouth a small B&B, a great location not too far out of the city and from Vivien and Andy.

Plymouth has some trendy places to eat and some traditional places too but oh heck the prices are so expensive. Tapas seem to be the "in thing" who can afford to pay £15.95 each for a Paella and Tapas for 2 at £26.95 we have no idea. I did that the place wasn't very busy though so we went to the Tanners brothers gin place to eat which was lovely.

The following day was spent visiting chandlers looking at things we needed to bring back then collected the boys Callum and Alfie, both looking a little bewildered why we were there at the school.

While we were in Plymouth we had another celebration, our 7th wedding anniversary so we met up with Andy, Bill (Andy's dad) Viv and the kids and went out for a meal which was great fun. The boys had a chocolate feast afterwards too.

Choc fest
Choc fest

Viv with the boys, Callum and Alfie
Viv with a Yummy pudding 
Who is under the table then ???????
This is the end of part 1

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