Saturday, 6 October 2012

Back to the boat

Morning coffee with our friend John from "Osprey"
Well more work, poor Don I can hear you say but he enjoys it!
Luckily for us our friend John drove from the UK and bought out all the things we bought from the boat show, its a good job really as the plane may have had trouble taking off.
Don's retirement present from his workmates, "The Thinker" just like Don

So the work started, the watermaker is bolted down now, to be installed in Gibraltar.

The advantage is you didn't have to reach far to have a drink
The freezer, what a major job,  trial fits which meant the existing fridge freezer being taken out and was put on top of the sofa.
Not a jack in the box but a Don in the box
On the left hand side is the awkward spot where the new box is now

I found Don several times in "the hole" but cables and pipes had to be re located before the box was fitted.

The insulation had to be fixed in place which was tricky to say the least having so little space. We used a car jack to lift the box into place and held it in with clamps.
This shows some of the freezer plate which had to be bent into shape.
The black insulation
Lifting the box with the car jack

So now  those jobs are done we couldn't believe the time had come we were about to leave Cartagena.

We did have some "weather" so much rain but we were able to go out later.

Oh boy did it rain.

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