Sunday, 7 October 2012

Entering Gibraltar.

After leaving La Duquesa the fog dropped so it was a very slow departure being so close inshore trying to spot the tiny fishing markers for the Spanish fishermen. The foghorn helped to move on the birds that we sometimes call flying fishing markers although some insist on staying until the last moment.

When we approached Gibraltar it was still a little foggy but did clear in time for some shots of the Rock.

We expected the approach to Gibraltar to be very busy but most of the ships seen on the instruments are at anchor thank goodness and not looming down on us as some are huge.

It seems to take forever to round the point but the marina staff in Ocean village saw us in to our mooring. All is well now and we had a nice meal and Don took me around some of his old stomping grounds.

Right now the boat looks like a chinese laundry with washing on the guard rails.

Thats it for now

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