Friday, 19 October 2012

Gibraltar still here, yet!

Still in Gibraltar installing things, the water maker is almost finished now which has proved to be a little frustrating finding fittings and making sure there are no leaks, how Don managed to push some of the pipes into place in so little space I will never know.
The SSB radio and Pactor modem are now being prepared to go over the top of the washing machine on a new shelf which involves removing the washing machine first, the cables have to be organised with cables and connections to the main unit at the nav station.

This was such a mess to sort out
Dons favourite seat with a view.
I think he said "does my bum look big in this"

This was why Don went up the mast to install the rope antenna

All complicated stuff. It seems like a never ending task but it has to be done for our safety at sea, communication is very important.
Long way up, or down depending on how you feel
American monument in town
Now where has he gone ?
Will we ever be tidy ?
Quite a sharp turn to leave here 
Don in another hole, I'm really beginning to wonder about him 
We have been into town a few times mainly to buy bits for this and that but have had some meals out too which have been typical UK food so far. The marina is surrounded by bars and pubs that serve food but can be quite expensive. Ocean village has multistory apartments which are megabucks, way over a million pounds, still someone must have money.

Ocean village is very close to the runway and it can be quite noisy when the Easyjet and Monarch flight take off and land, I'm sure we can see the passengers looking out the windows.


So far we have shopped at Morrisons which is not too far now we found a shortcut, the first try was almost 20 minutes now its about 10. Not cheap though  at least we can buy those long lost UK bits we have missed.
A busy Cockpit, not much room to sit, its full of Hydravane bits
There are 4 ARC boats in the marina just now, there seem to be more coming and going every few days. I have spoken to one of the owners and they will be on their way to the Canaries within the next week, ready for their November departure. At least the ARC boats will be gone by the time we get there. Our original plan was to go with the ARC which is the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers but the thought of hundreds of boats leaving at the same time going to the same place does not really appeal to us. As you know we are going via Cape Verde so the journey will be in two stages instead of one hop. There are a couple of other boats here too that are crossing more or less the same time and place so who knows our group may grow yet again. Most people here are very helpful and friendly and will go out their way to help.

Although the marina is very full it can be pretty sometimes.
As yet we expect to be here fore another week to install the important bits although we are really looking forward to some rest before we set off again. The weather in the Atlantic is not good for us yet so you will probably see yet another post from Gibraltar.

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