Saturday, 25 August 2012

All shiny and new, well almost

More progress, looking a little more "ship shape" now.

Over the last couple of weeks lets just say I have been busy, scrubbing decks and have had some help to have the hull polished which looks great.

If you look closely you can see your face in this, lol. 

I have  been busy making some fender covers thanks to a friend obtaining the kits for us, they had to be adjusted somewhat so out came the sewing machine. Of course it took a little time to clean the fenders before but well worth it. They now have new ropes to hang them with and now proudly sit attached to the guard rails.

My next sewing project is to make slip covers for the seats in the cockpit then make some hanging pockets to store things like binoculars, sunglasses and bits and bobs.
We now have the "running rigging", new ropes, (halyards, sheets) sitting waiting for Don to splice and attach when he returns. The liferaft is here too.

Cartagena is still very warm, I don't see many people about now everyone is staying out of the heat including me. Lots of boats have either gone or planning to do so very soon, at least we have exchanged e-mails and call signs so we will hopefully meet up along the way.

Its less than 2 weeks to go now before I see Don who will be RETIRED AT LAST!
We have a UK trip planned then back to finish a few more jobs before we set off, I CAN'T WAIT.


  1. Nice. Why not put a sea in your bacground of this blog? A road is not matching. Xx karla

  2. Karla, the background is blue and clouds, you must be looking at something else, no roads as far as I can see.