Friday, 29 August 2014

UK and Spain trip a 3 week break

It was time to see family and friends both in the UK and Spain so it was a whirlwind trip.
We are off
When we left Grenada we flew along the south coast we could see the bays quite clear
Hogg Island on the right Clarkes Court to the left opposite Whisper Cove

Those photos were taken on the first step of the journey to St Lucia
After landing at Gatwick the drive to Staffordshire seemed to take forever the traffic is no better now than it was when I lived there, the journey took almost 6 hours.
First of all to Stoke on Trent to see my Mum. It was great to see her still doing very well considering her age. The weather was the warmest I can remember but it was the end of July going into August. We didn't even bother with jackets which was a first in years.

Mum likes her fish and chips and cup of tea
We spent a week at Mums and took her out wherever she wanted to go and loved us being there.

While we were in Staffordshire we payed a visit to see our friend Vicky and went out for lunch in a country pub.

I had the giggles

Vicky with "Blue Bird"
Then we were off again, drove down to Plymouth to see Vivien, Andy and the boys. We stayed in Plymouth itself and met up with the family.

Blue bird loved the big bed

The Royal William yard now a place with bars, restaurants, marina and a museum 

Vivien and Alfie
Callum tucking in

A nice day out with the family
Boys will be boys, too soon they will be young men
After leaving Plymouth we drove to Chichester to see Steve and Lizzie then off to Gatwick to fly to Spain.

We stayed with jane and John, friends not too far from home, they made us very welcome.

We ate outside in the shade
It was lovely to swim in a pool again to stay cool
We went to see Beaky (the parrot) who is staying in the hills near Castell de Castells way in the country in a stunning spot, the views are lovely. Our friends rent out some of their property, its a real getaway place.

The way up to the house is over the dried up riverbed, the bird sounds are just great.

Looking scruffy

                                   This is Beakys friend Obi

The view up there are great pity I didn't take one before from the house, silly me
We met up with our dear friend Myra, she's looking great and was with her friend Tony.

Our friend Myra
Tony and Myra, they look very happy together

As it was a sunday we all went for lunch in the port on the stony beach, there is lots to do for kids now the beach was very busy.

Had a great menu of the day

                                       They make a lovely couple

So after checking things were ok at the house, meeting up with the neighbours and bringing things out of store we made our way back to the UK.

Drove back to Chichester and had a couple of days on Seraph with Steve and Lizzie.
They have wonderful flower displays
Most of the centre is just for walking its always busy
The market cross

One of the pubs in town, there are lots all quite old

Of course there is Chichester cathedral over 900 years old

Lizzie next to Seraph 

                                          Waiting for lunch on Seraph

Well thats it back to Grenada, we had a great flight back with Virgin atlantic and in our cabin were the Bangladeshi international cricket team off to play the West Indies. We had a dink with the Captain and one of the trainers.

One of the not so healthy breakfasts

Greek yogurt with berries and granola, fantastic!
Here we are again back in Grenada, we have been here for 2 weeks now and have been doing few more chores on Agua Therapy. It will be some time before we move up the chain again so watch this space for our next trip, its going to be fun, for those of you that know what we are going to be doing please stay in touch via e-mail.

Agua Therapy
Don and Glenys

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