Thursday, 28 August 2014

Grenada minus Steve and Lizzie

Well after a hectic 2 weeks of having fun we settled down to a few jobs on Agua Therapy and went back to our normal way of life.

First job was to make a water catcher which helps to cut down wear and tear on the water maker, which of course needs power so that needs the generator.

The hatch behind it won't be open of course
Yes that is Don under there, they make a real difference to keep us cooler.
Sunshades were made while we were in the US and as we haven't stayed anywhere long enough we hadn't used them but as the heat is oppressive we put them up. They are pretty big and a bit of a handful when its breezy to put up.

Our friends from Feijao invited us onboard for drinks and to "inspect" all their hard work they have been doing preparing the boat to sell.

What a great job they have done, she's lovely

Lenny and Gina 
Since we have been here at anchor the weather has changed quite a lot when we first came you could always see the surf on the reefs at the entrance to the bay for what seems ages now the water has been flat calm.

No surf to be seen and hardly a ripple, however we could do with some breeze to keep us cool
So whats next?

A trip for us away from Grenada, back to the UK a short trip to Spain to check on the house and my baby Beaky then back to the UK and return, all in 3 weeks.

Agua Therapy 
Don and Glenys

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