Sunday, 24 August 2014

Grenada antics, mostly photos

In the last post I mentioned a visit to the rum distillery, well we did visit but the end result was not what we expected at all. Anyone need paint stripper? 

Don said it was his duty to sample the rum, I can't believe he had more than one glass

 So now you know how its done, pity all the work had finished when we arrived
Sugar cane, used and smelly, they burn it for fuel after they make the rum so its not wasted

So we had a great day out, there is a lot to see in Grenada.

When Steve and Lizzie came the plan was to go sailing for a while but the weather decided for us, we only managed to go as far as St George's.

Both fast asleep after lunch, what a pair, poor things

               Guess who gets to go out when it rains and has to kneel down.

A couple of sunsets

Here are a few photos taken while we were out and about
Resident heron at Whisper cove

And another

Looking bedraggled we had just been swimming

Still in the swim wear
Just had a few drinks

The dinghy dock at whisper cove

Teacup chihuahua's

St George shopping trip

Fresh coconut

Street food so yummy and cheap
The local fruit and veg lady, doesn't need a shop
The next blog coming soon

Agua Therapy, having a break in Grenada

Don and Glenys

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