Thursday, 28 August 2014

Even more news from Grenada

Well we are here for a long time

During Steve and Lizzies stay we took another trip to Gouyave for the fisherman's party, it was another long bus trip to the north again to the town on the west coast. The festivities mark the feast of St Peter, it was the last day of a 5 day event. Unfortunately we missed the ceremonies and other activities, there was boat racing and the blessing of the boats but did see lots of entertainment. Lets just say it was very lively and very very loud at times.

The whole place buzzes with folk everywhere whole families from the old to babes in arms.

This guy tried so hard to entertain

What is it with these "half mast trousers" ?

                                     "If you can't beat em join em"
                                   A Cruiser being interviewed by local TV

Such cute kids

The racing boats

Most of the restaurants and bars are open all night, there was local food everywhere which we sampled.

                     Fish chips and monkey complete with Ting and Carib

                                         One of the fishermen's houses
A great afternoon had by all, I'm afraid we missed the fireworks but we had to take the bus back to Hartman bay and believe me those bus rides can be an experience all on their own.


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