Saturday, 22 December 2012

Back on the boat now

We are quite happy to be back on the boat now from our "break away" just having spent 13 days in the apartment in Palm Oasis in Mas Palomas. The apartment is very nice with a huge bed which stayed still, weird how you miss the rocking about, both of us had very disturbed nights. The first week we took advantage of a special offer of half board which included a buffet breakfast and dinner, most of it was very good but we ate way too much.

While we were there we hired a car its cheaper to hire one than take taxis everywhere so we toured some of the island and popped back to the boat a few times to drop off the spares we need ready for the crossing.

One of our trips was to Aborigine world, a model of a huge entire village with over 100 life size human figures, domestic animals, some real.
Most of the displays had sound effects in some places but I was glad that the court, prison and execution wasn't.

So we were in Las Palmas one of the most famous places to visit is the "house of Columbus" we walked from the marina which is quite a way. The entrance is free but were disappointed to find that there is major restoration going on so we couldn't go into most of the rooms. There is hardly a mention of him or even a painting to be found. The most exciting thing were the 2 macaws that were having a great time entertaining in the inner courtyard.

Today (Sat 22nd Dec) we have been tidying up, I went to do some shopping and had a haircut, its very short never mind it will grow back. This afternoon we decided we have seen enough here so we are leaving for Tenerife in the morning.
Sorry not had time to sort the photos yet I will post some when we next have the internet.

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