Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Busy getting ready now

Hi everyone, yes we know the blog hasn’t been updated for quite a while and I’m afraid this is going to be short and sweet.
We crossed from Gran Canaria and managed to sail using the parasailor again for quite a way but ended up motoring in for the last 3 hours because the wind died.

The marina we are in “marina Santa Cruz, Tenerife” is ok but the internet is a it of a problem so for now so this may be the last one for a little while. We are hoping to do a short text updates via the sat phone while we are at sea.

Tenerife: Quite a pleasant surprise the City of Santa Cruz is nice, a very busy place most of the town has narrow streets in which people still manage to park although bumper to bumper. 

We are moored in a marina very close to the commercial port so there are constant ferries and cruise ships spewing out soot from their funnels so the boat will have to be scrubbed again. Don and I walked into town and we have seen a lovely park in the centre. The whole place is full of decorations santas and lights.

The transport system seems very good too there are trams which always seem to be full.
The destination said Trinidad but I doubt its the same Trinidad we are going to
On Sunday (30th) we travelled by bus to the south of the island so we could meet up with our crew Ern and Karen at the airport. We did manage to look around Los Christianas before we went to the airport, that part of the coast from what we saw is like Blackpool with the sun, having said that we did manage a Sunday roast lamb dinner.

As you noticed from the title we are so busy now, yesterday Karen and I emptied all the foods from the cupboards to see list to see how we can plan meals for the journey, now all we have to do is raid the supermarkets and have the provisions delivered to the boat. Don and Ern were buy trying to get the SSB radio to work with the pc so we can get e-mails and weather information during the crossing, hmm they haven’t had much luck yet though.

Now this guy with Don is huge!!!!!!

What is it with all these women carrying baskets on their heads? 

This guy just had to get the last rays of the sun anyway and anywhere he could

Last night after dinner we walked into town to see the festivities and bought in the new year with a bottle of fizz. There was live music and another amazing firework display afterwards.
Well now we have more of an idea of when we are leaving to cross, probably by Thursday or Friday dependent on the weather too.

Agua Therapy

Don and Glenys

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