Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gran Tarajal, part 2

Oh well as we were waiting for the weather to improve we decided to clear the forward cabin to make room for the crew and dig out the clothes ready for our "off the boat" stay Gran Canaria. Its a good job we did as we found the source of the fresh water which had appeared in the bilge on our last crossing. The problem was caused by the water from the water maker which was being fed into a pipe behind the wall so we couldn't see it before. So out came everything under the bed which was either damp or growing mould. Thankfully the clothes were in vacuum bags and the mould was only on the covers for our winter "conservatory". That meant drying off everything, scrubbing with bleach, fitting the covers washing and then drying them ready to store. Don again solving the problem with a new water outlet directly into the tank. So more plumbing bits were bought and fitted, the walls painted and eventually the forward cabin was once again useable.

Don, what am I going to do with him, I think he has lost his head!

Most days we checked our e-mails from the cafe and as we walked about town watched the progress  of the murals.

Each day in the town more walls were being either prepared for the murals or murals being finished off. I was thinking its a good thing for all the unemployed people that normally "graffiti" are employed, the portable crane hire are all working, the shops selling paint and the builders are busy making good walls to paint on. Of course people take photos of the murals which may be published and attract others to come here, maybe other places may take note.

My one and only vice (not) I wonder what the big one would have cost

Gran Tarajal is a good place to be in some respects, the mooring fees are not too expensive either. 

We heard about other boats leaving the Canaries heading across the Atlantic and some are not having an easy time of it, we heard this morning one boat heading for Cape Verde returned because the swell made everyone on the boat ill.

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