Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gran Canaria crossing, what sea legs?

Someone told me once I had my sea legs its just like riding a bike, WRONG!
The crossing from Gran Tarajal:
We had waited for the weather to improve, the winds to be in the right direction and not too big a swell so we decided to leave on Monday late afternoon. All was good and we set off into not much wind and had to motor for an hour or so. The sea state a little choppy but we expected that from the previous weeks weather. Then as the wind picked up we unfurled the headsail, the sea then decided it was not going to be kind to us at all, the sun went down, we togged up in our warm clothes and new Musto boots (must post a photo) and although it was very lumpy and dark on we continued. Well lets say my "sea legs" deserted me, even using my new electronic device didn't work and stugeron didn't either. So after torturing myself for hours with the device on number 2 power (which is like having a defibrillator fixed to my wrist) I had to lie down with a bucket.
Don then continued alone all night dodging waves and ships in that vile sea.
We arrived in Gran Canaria Las Palmas marina and queued in the office to check in. Then we had to wait over an hour for the marinero to assist us into our berth.
Now we are tucked up safe and sound, had some rest food and a drink with 2 other people from boats in our group.

Don has decided this is his sea berth when he does manage to sleep.
As we don't have sea berths Don has decided that under the table would be a great place to sleep, don't ask how he found it! and no he wasn't down there because he had too much to drink.

Not taken any photos here yet.
More in part 2 of this.

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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