Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lanzarote part 4

Graciosa, this was taken from Mirador del Rio
This is the anchorage where we stayed for 2 nights

The marina in Graciosa, it was full, pity we would have loved to gone ashore

The views here are very dramatic, Don is fascinated by volcano's and loved it. Vines and the local produce is grown inside circular high walls made from lava for protection.

After leaving Parque National de Timanfaya we continued La Santa where we had a fish lunch then drove back towards the marina along the way visited
El Grifo a wine museum on a 40 hectare estate. 
it has a permanent exhibition of 19th and 20th century machinery. There is a traditional barrel making workshop. We dis sample some of the wines they make now but none of them were to our taste so we didn't buy any, for those of you in Spain you can find the wine in supermarkets the label has a griffin in red.

Tuesday 20th: To make the most use of the car on the last days hire we drove to the Cactus museum which is built on the site of an old quarry. When we walked around I saw many of the cactus I used to grow myself years ago, they were just about the only things I could grow without killing them. So many varieties to see there but not many in flower, there is an old windmill on the top level, Don went inside to take a look and said it looked very old. The toilets had some very obvious signs on the outside just in case you went in the wrong one. 

Looking around the island some parts are black deserted volcanic areas, nothing in sight, no birds or wildlife to be seen. Other parts green and lush with palm trees usually around villages where they live in white painted houses, some small and modest and others very grand, all having flat roofs which seems odd.

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy
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