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Exploring Lanzarote part 1

Exploring Lanzarote part 1.
Tuesday 13th November: After 2 days at anchor recovering from the lack of sleep we tidied up the boat and fixed down things that needed to be tied down. So we left Graciosa anchorage, we would have loved to go ashore but as we knew the weather was changing we sailed onto Lanzarote, Marina Calero. is a modern built place with a small chandler, restaurants, bars and designer shops. 
Its hardly a place you can do on foot, the bus routes and times are a little difficult so we hired a car so we could explore.

Clean place an very modern

Wednesday 14th November: The first afternoon out we went to Arecife the capital of the island and did a provisions shop, we managed to fill up boot, the car was very small. 
We always seem to be drawn to water and boats

Thursday15th November: 
The marina threw a party in the evening for all the people with boats in the marina with drinks and tapas. The marina has a very good curry house in fact one of the best I have ever been in. 

Friday 16th: We drove to the south of the island to Playa Blanca and into Marina Rubicon to the chandlers, as usual there are things to be bought, both of us invested in some 
Musto leather calf length boots after deciding that just sailing shoes were not good when its honking down and they feel like a paddling pool on each foot, they are expensive but should last a long time. (I will post pics soon )Had lunch in an Italian restaurant then back to the boat. When we looked at the marina there was a huge new sailing yacht with what looked like a delivery crew including a baby in a bouncer very happy bouncing up and down making gurgling sounds.

He was a happy little chap
Saturday 17th: Both of us managed to have our hair cut in Puerto De La Carmen afterwards we had an early lunch of fish in a great little place close to the tiny marina. By the amount of Irish bars there must be a large Irish community.  

Continued Part 2

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