Monday, 26 November 2012

Exploring Lanzarote Part 2

Sunday 18th: Went to the north of the island a Sunday market in Teguise, a very busy place, I think its just for tourists, as we walked up to the market we passed a very strange "garden" with what you might call art made with so much junk, an old exercise bike, old TV's, lots of toys, dolls, teddy bears, concrete statues, rude figures, there was a box on the wall with old mobile phone chargers. I'm amazed there was no charge for looking.

I was hoping to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables but it was the normal Spanish wares, tablecloths, clothes, sugared nuts, (yes we did buy some) local wines, "organic" cheeses, chutneys, mojo sauces, local breads and the oddball stands with artists and people making drinks from sugar cane. There was a small gallery named Cabra or something like that (goat), outside was a guy who was trying his best to use his mobile, the goat followed him everywhere and just wouldn't leave him alone.

All done with an airbrush using a dive cylinder 

After the market went to Mirador del Rio, you can see the Island of Graciosa and the water that we sailed down to the anchorage we stayed in, much quieter than when we went in, there were only four boats at anchor not like the 15 or 20 while we were in. Afterwards we went into Arecife the capital of Lanzarote and wandered about close to the water and little boats inside the harbour wall. 

Back in the marina there is a bar called Buda where they make great cocktails and have a huge TV so we watched the start of the US grand prix but didn't stay to see the end otherwise we may have had to swim back, it's a long walk to our boat.

Don had a lemon Daiquiri I had a Buda, don't ask! 
To be continued in part 3

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