Sunday, 29 July 2012

Boat's mascots and batteries

Some boats have mascots or pets, here are ours and our friends.

Melody and our lion
Meet Cremonte our friends cute dog, I just want to cuddle him.
This is Hamlette the flying pig the story is below
Hamlet is a mascot on Do Littles, our Canadian friends Wally and Lori yacht which they sailed all the way from Canada, they have been travelling around Europe for the last few years. Before they left Canada a friend said "pigs would fly when they reached Europe". So when they did Hamlette arrived. Notice the sunnies to protect her eyes.
Do Littles boys and girls waiting so patiently outside the shoe shop, they didn't take their eyes off the doors. They had a well deserved treat afterwards for being so good.
The situation for some of the new larger batteries
Three of the new batteries which will help us with the power when we are at anchor and at sea, we have another two which will go elsewhere.

Bye for now
Agua Therapy in preparation for the trip

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