Saturday, 28 July 2012

More for July

Not too long after we had another visit from the Indian navy a goodwill visit with 4 ships which Don and I went on 3 of them. 

These guys were on duty dressed in black all day poor things must have been so hot

Loved the posters

Nice flag

All the guys were very friendly and answered lots of questions about the ships, I did ask if we could get one of their chefs to make us a curry and was told they were all sick of curry and that evening they were eating a Chinese, typical. They wouldn't let us visit the galley but I had a crafty peak into the corridor to the cabins all lined with mirrors. 
The whole of Cartagena seemed full of men in white uniforms, we feel very sorry for most as they must be so poorly paid they could hardly afford to buy food in town. 

Every morning there was a band playing when the flags went up and occasionally some great Indian music. I asked where they were going from here and they were heading for france then Israel then back home to Bombay.

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