Saturday, 4 August 2012

The sofa seat is Done Now!

This week has been hectic again for Don, he's been working full out to re make the sofa.
The base of the sofa and the holes where the cupboards are going to be.
The round and oblong holes are for the watermaker pressure gauge and flow meter
Don on his knees again!
This is the new back for the sofa with the doors, all technical stuff you know, what a star he is! It won't be too long before the cushions can go back on, thats my sofa so I can put my feet up when we watch TV
Although we did have a night out, a crowd from the marina, all 18 of us went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, we walked up the town and it resembled  a school outing watching all the kids in twos and threes crossing the road. When we arrived at the restaurant the poor staff were amazed as we re arranged the tables and chairs, I lost count on how many nationalities there were with all the same thing in common, sailing, some from New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Scotland Norway, South Africa, England, Sweden, Spanish, we took over the place.  So much great food to eat, the best spring rolls ever, I think we all ate and drank too much, they even ran out of cold wine at one stage. I will try to get some photos from someone later.

Ok this is the addition, I didn't want to make a new post for the new sofa finished pics. So here they are.

Way to go Don, he can put his mind to most things and is very successful when he does, very well done.
This week has been so hot again, someone mentioned about we all turn into vampires hiding from the sun and only come out at night.

Some yachts have left the marina now, some going in the same direction as us hopefully we will meet up again somewhere along the way, maybe do the crossing together. Others are off to the other side of the Med, so from now on we will dwindle in numbers I have a feeling we will be the last ones to leave, providing all goes to plan it will be late September, then the real adventure begins.

Bye for now
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