Saturday, 28 July 2012

The lift out and progress

The lift out thankfully was uneventful and while Agua Therapy was out the water  Don worked on the through hull fittings ready for the SSB radio, pick up for the water maker and the keel cooler for the new / fridge / freezer. 

Its always a scary time when holes are made through the hull and more so when we are put back in the water, we check there are no leaks while the crane waits for our thumbs up. This time we didn't stay on the boat at night it was way too hot so we stayed for 3 nights in a hotel about 10 minutes walk away.

The grounding plate for the radio

Prop all cleaned and greased

Don had to dismantle the starboard sofa to re position one of the air con units and make space for the water pump and water maker, he is now rebuilding the unit below the sofa then he will install the bits sometime soon I hope, Its been like a giant jig saw puzzle, I'm looking forward to sitting on the new model soon.

Who took the sofa then?
The air con unit is on the left and the watermaker is going on the right, the sofa goes over the top.

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