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Martinique, the home of smelly cheese, pate and fresh bread.

Martinique 29th November 
We set off just a short trip just over 27 miles to Le Marin Martinique.
Each time we have been here something strange has happened, yet again our AIS decided to fail, its an invaluable system which identifies other vessels which we think maybe the French military block for some reason. Yes we can re set the system but that has to be done with the computer, oh well nothing too serious.

The anchorage here is huge with a pretty big marina way inside, having said that boats will insist on anchoring very close. 
Finding a two supermarkets here with fresh French bread, very smelly cheese and wonderful pates found its way aboard. Mind you I could swear the smelly cheese found its way to completely stink us out.
Of course the French wines were in abundance too at good prices so just a few found their way tucked into a few lockers.

This is how boats / yachts are moved across oceans, they float on and off these purpose built ships

Last time we were in Martinique we went into St Anne so we took the bus there you notice the difference in the quality of the roads are much better than anything we had been on for quite sometime. St Anne is small but quite pretty place with a church in the centre, a few touristy shops bars and restaurants. We had lunch and met up with another American couple from Pensacola Ralph and Mary from “Night watch” we had met them before on the shopping bus in Grenada, they were anchored in St Annes Bay but had previously been behind us Le Marin.

We stayed in Le Marin until the 3rd of December my birthday, Don said the wind direction was great fro a nice downwind sail so off we go to Fort de France

Having a great weather forecast the cruising chute found its way out the bag, Don said as its your birthday we have a nice downwind sail and he would put out the fishing rod (right I thought)

What a beautiful sail we were having approaching Diamond Rock, something you don’t want to hit. Suddenly Dons fishing line was screaming and he dashed to check it out. He mentioned this is a big fish and for the following half an hour or so hauled in a huge Mahi Mahi, (I always think “So good they named it twice”, it is!) Don did very well really but was quite hectic for a while. This was a BIG FISH! almost as tall as Don not sure of the weight as you can’t get those on kitchen scales. He hung it, gutted it, cleaned it and cut it up all in the cockpit blood and bits all over the place. It took another hour to clean up the back of the boat and cockpit but I had the fillets all packed and in the freezer enough for at least 15 - 20 meals. 

Big Mahi Mahi, ugly but very tasty

Last time we were in Martinique we went into St Anne a small place but we enjoyed walking about so we took the bus there. I remembered seeing some unusual table lamps made from coconut leaves so we bought 2 both of which are also packed away in the forward shower compartment. Sorry I forgot to take photos before they were wrapped up. 

So at 11:40 we dropped the anchor, we were just outside the fort wall where its a little more calm away from the ferries. Fort de France is quite a busy place with ferries that every half hour come in and out and the cruise ships invade. A reasonable place for shopping and getting the internet to check the wether and catch up on e-mails. Went ashore a few times and managed to Skype Don’s sister and call my Mum. We returned to a Mexican restaurant we went to last year their fajitas are amazing.

6th December

So off we go again next stop Still in Martinique on the West side of the island to St Pierre for a quick overnight stop.

The church which was being restored but it doesn't look as though they have done too much

The anchorage
The town dock 
Quite a decent market for fruit and veg and flowers

Wish we could have found some information on the little girl, maybe she turned out to be famous

We have been up and down this coastline (West) twice before and looked at anchoring in a place named St Pierre but the conditions were never right either too much wind or big swells. This time it looked ok so in we went. Its quite a small town with a dinghy / ferry dock so we went ashore to take a look around. This is the place where a volcano erupted and 29,000 people were killed, just 2 survivors, one was in prison the other was a cobbler in a basement. Most of the property here was destroyed but not quite all, the church was badly damaged but a few buildings survived. 

7th December
So off we go again next stop Dominica for a quick overnight stop.
So sorry for some reason the text size has gone silly.

Glenys and Don
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