Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bequia for a return visit

Bequia 26th to 28h November

Bequia our next destination for a return visit its one of our favourite islands with a pretty decent anchorage.

26th November 2014

Well when we set out at 07:30 the weather was as predicted between 11 to 17 knots with a few strong gusts the sea at times was 2.5 metres a little uncomfortable at times however we dropped the anchor in 2.5 metres by 16:15  a 50 + nm trip.

The entrance has whale bone jaws
One of the restaurants we didn’t visit last time was the Whalebone so this time we had lunch there, the seats at the bar are whale vertebrae.

We stayed in Bequia for 2 nights visiting some of the local eating places and as we decided it maybe our last visit here. Don said he would like one of the souvenirs that Bequia is known for, last time we came here we did visit 2 places that make handmade model yachts some of them are fantastic. All kinds of yachts and boats made with local mahogany and other woods, obviously priced according to size and detail. One of the deciding factors was how do we get one back safely in one piece we were told that they could be placed and packed in a strong box. Anyway after a little bargaining the boat was dismasted and packed away, now it resides in the forward cabin.

Dons new boat, its a model of a traditional whaling boat

There is always someone visiting the boat selling anything from fruit, bread or vegetables from a dinghy, one of the guys was selling lobsters, you place the order and the following day they return with your purchase. We bought a 4 lb live lobster which was pushed into the freezer to send it to sleep before cooking.

Don had to break its legs to get it into the pressure cooker and had to push hard to put the lid on.  

I can hear Lisbet Dons sister saying YUK!

Just a couple of nights here, next stop St Lucia

Glenys and Don
Agua Therapy

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