Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bequia sail to St Lucia

From Bequia to St Lucia a 75nm sail  28th November.
Well as its so far and we do not like to go into anywhere in the dark we had a nice early start 05:45 with not a bad forecast,  we were lucky in the channel with a decent sea for a change.
Once again we found a vibration coming from the prop, another load of palm fonds had wrapped themselves around the prop, Don managed to free the bits he could see with the boat hook and brute strength it can be a little worrying not knowing whats still hanging on underneath that you can't do anything about until you stop. I'm beginning to think we are a magnet for palm trees when we first set off from Spain we managed to pick up a huge one.

As we passed St Vincent somewhere we didn’t fancy visiting due to some not very nice stories it does look very lush with rain forests deep valleys with thousands of tropical trees and plants.

St Vincent
Considering the wind strength was quite low we made decent speed for a change sometimes just over 7 knots SOG a 75 nm trip.

We did have a few moments in front of us the sky went very dark and we could see on radar some squalls

The purple is the squalls on the radar and you can just see our boat on bottom on the red line which is our track
We have been on the bus to see the Pitons last year, its not a place we ever fancied stopping on the boat.

The Pitons
Castres complete with a cruise ship
Anyway we arrived by 17:00 just before dusk and anchored outside Rodney Bay close to the Sandals resort and stayed just one night as we wanted to make our way to Martinique.

Next stop Martinique, Le Marin, should be a good sail its not very far

Glenys and Don
Agua Therapy

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