Saturday, 17 May 2014

St Lucia feeling nostalgic

14 04 N 60 57 W    St Lucia

So here we are, it seems like it was yesterday when we arrived in St Lucia after the Atlantic. We dropped the anchor outside the entrance to Rodney Bay Marina and tucked ourselves up in the corner. We had a peaceful night after a "mixed" crossing, the usual little wind then as we approached St Lucia the sea was like a washing machine  with a 2 metre swell and wind up to 30 knots and at one stage we had to gybe. There were boats leaving and we noticed them well heeled over, so were we.

So as we wanted to do some cleaning with a fresh water supply we decided to visit Rodney Bay marina again, its not too expensive here for moorings.

Last time I was here I had a wonderful treatment at the spa so off I went for a back massage, facial and pedicure, well a girl has to have some treats.

Since being here I have managed to clean some of the stainless steel and Don has been busy polishing.
The washing is being caught up on too, just normal chores so far.

Don had notice from one of his old work colleagues Martin that he was in St Lucia so we managed to make arrangements with Martin and Sam to meet up on Agua Therapy then we took a taxi to the local mall area. The steaks are wonderful in The Big Chef, we went there last season and yet again they did us proud. We had a great night out.

Martin, Don, Sam and myself
Our dark passenger, pretty big
No idea yet how long we will stay as my back is misbehaving again, so far I have seen an orthopaedic surgeon who has diagnosed Sacroilitis,  I'm having physiotherapy and lots of drugs.

The marina seems fairly quiet, there are a few boats we have seen on the way down through the island chain and one of the catamarans that was here last year is here too on the same pontoon as ourselves.

So thats about all for St Lucia for now I may update later before we leave for Marigot Bay an anchorage on the West side of St Lucia.

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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