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So Antigua farewell, maybe back about xmas for a bash with fellow cruisers, we spent another 3 nights in Jolly harbour and re provisioned with fresh veg, fruit and a little meat. We said bye bye to Nychea and left for Guadalupe, not a big trip just 47 miles to Deshaies or Day ay.
Last season we came in here but didn't go ashore, pity we like it here.

Monday 21st April 16 18 N 61 47 W

We dropped the hook in a little deeper water than normal but laid out 45 metres of chain which we were quite content with although the anchorage was very busy we chose a less crowded spot. Day ay is a well protected bay and is deep water, the surroundings are hills and mountains, there is a breakwater with small fishing boats close to the river where the ferry leaves from.

The weather decided to give us a free wash so the salt was gone but we found the dinghy pretty full of water, all we needed was some soap for a bath.

We went ashore and checked in having asked for the customs and immigration office, it doesn't exist it just a shop with a pc so you clear in your self. The town itself is quite small, we found the library, post office with an ATM, a bakery and a supermarket which was closed although we did find another small one 
We had a smashing "day menu" overlooking the anchorage but it was a little difficult not being able to speak French, never mind we enjoyed it.

We walked about and found the local library, post office and saw the new houses and very old.

The library
The new house

The old Someone is living in this
One of the local attractions is a botanical garden which we had heard was quite good so off we set up the hill taking several stops to breathe, on some islands people stop to offer a lift but this time we were not so lucky, oh well it would be much easier returning the mile or so back to the boat.

Way down

Way up

A heck of a climb
So much easier on the way down
 What a pleasant place the gardens were with Koi ponds, and avery and over 1000 plant species, I know there are lots of hibiscus varieties but we have never seen so many different colours as this, the same with bougainvillaea too.

The avery has brightly coloured lorakeets if you buy the food they will sit on your arms we watched as many as 5 on one ladies arms.

We had a very nice lunch at the restaurant which overlooks the manmade waterfall and area where the flamingoes were, we couldn't get very close to them they are quite shy.

I took so many photographs of plants they could be used in an encyclopaedia of tropical plants.

a very stinky plant

Along the track we saw so many butterflies and lizards all colours, the smells were amazing some not so nice, we found a brightly coloured caterpillar with black yellow and a red head it was busy munching on the plant, I wonder if its dangerous.

Poor thing he was worn out

View of the anchorage from halfway up the hill

Thursday 24th April 
Lifted the hook and had a short sail to the Jaques Cousteau national Park off Pigeon Island there were lots of dive boats around and people snorkelling from the shore. Don snorkelled a little way but said the visibility wasn't too good, may due to the previous weather, again next time around.

Unfortunately the night was spent rocking about and it was quite noisy with loud music from the bars close by. 

We would like to see more of Guadalupe but from the places we anchored it would be better if we had hired a car as the busses probably wouldn't take us to the places we want to visit. Its not easy to anchor out on the Atlantic side with the trade winds bluing in so we tend to stay on the leeward side of all the islands. Maybe next time we will take a car.

So once again off we go to the next island down the chain, a favourite place last season
The Saintes.

Don and Glenys

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