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Dominica - Roseau Part 2

Dominica Part 2
29th April
15 17 N 61 22 W
So next stop Roseau a 19 mile sail to the capital, last season we avoided this place as we heard a few bad reports all we can say is try it yourself we like it. After picking up another mooring with help from the boat boy we spent in flat seas lovely!
This sperm whale had lots of teeth
Looking down inside a sperm whales belly
The long building is the Anchorage hotel, diving centre and where you can go to book the whale and dolphin trips

The rain forrest on the hills
Nice flat water for a change
We tied up the dinghy to a decent dock took in the gas bottle to be refilled ready to be collected the following day.

This is one of the better dinghy docks, holes, nails splinters the lot
Took a walk into town passing the Fort Young Hotel, highly polished cannons guard the entrance so we took a peek inside and walked through to the bit overlooking the dock. The hotel used to be the fort as you would expect it looks very well done and clean.

The town buzzes with activity colour and, music, street sellers with souvenirs, lots of taxi drivers asking us if we needed their services a nuisance at times but hey they are just trying to make a living.

Telecoms, wouldn't fancy sorting that lot out, reminds us of Cartagena
The tourist information office is close to the cobbled market square next to the museum, when I went in and asked about the museum the lady went to find someone to open it for us as its only open when the cruise ships come in, thankfully there was none in sight. A lady opened the doors to the museum took our money and said help yourself and close the door when you leave, very trusting.

A conch shell was sounded when the slaves were freed
Most of the cobbled areas have been covered over you can see in the old photographs just how it must have been many years ago, the tourist office and museum are very old buildings.

British governors mace

Local dresses this fabric is all over the place
 As we had seen a sign for the botanical gardens we found our way there, its quite a big site with a road that runs through it making a short cut into town, we saw all kinds of trees we have never seen before. One of the trees as we found they call the cannon ball tree, it looks like they are just hanging to drop so we didn't approach too close. When we asked about them he said the balls smell so bad,"devils shit" is exactly what was said.

A huge ficus
The smelly Cannon ball tree
Big palms too
There are two averies housing the endangered parrots the Sisserou but we weren't  able to get very close enough to see them.

This parrot is on their national flag, its my favourite

Have to break this post into 3
Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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