Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New York the remainder October 1st to 8th 2014

October 1st to the 8th 2014. 
This is the last post in New York, at the moment we are in Antigua for Christmas. New York, we quite like it I have a feeling one day we will return there is so much to see and do. Such a diverse city, one minute mega busy the next quiet, well in some parts it was.
Here are lots of photo's we took out and about, we have so many more although we did lose quite a few (another reason to return).

Times square
A "selfie" in Central Park
This is how they park!

As parking space is so scarce you take the car to a lift where its sent up and pushed into place 
The old within the new 

Another way to get about in central park

Carnegie's deli a very famous place.
Blowing bubbles in the park
We took a ride on the tour on the Hudson river so we could see a little more of the city skyline and of course the"green lady" The  Statue of Liberty.

Wow look at the crowds trying to get inside, I think we had the best view

A marina in New York

So many sights to see, Brooklyn bridge, the new tower, the Stanton Island ferry, I could go on and on but I did say WE LIKE NEW YORK!

Ok must do some more of the blogs as I am way behind. Still to do Las Vegas, New Orleans, and all the places on the way back to Miami.

Glenys and Don
Agua Therapy 

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