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New York, October 1st 2014

New York October 1st and on.

What an amazing exciting place, our hotel was on 40th Street so just a 5 minute walk to Times Square. The hotel suite was very well equipped, huge TV, kitchen with hob and multifunction oven it even had a dishwasher, not that we intended to cook as there are so many places to eat very close by. The hotel 3 days a week has a social early evening which had free food and wine so that gave us chance to talk with other travellers for tips about New York and other places we intended to visit.

We did see a couple of shows, Les Miserable and Mamma Mia, had front row seats for Mamma Mia in fact so close we thought we may have the actors on our laps when they were dancing and sliding all over the stage.

Paid a visit to the 911 memorial museum it was very moving to say the least, solemn faces and it was very quiet. Horrifying images and stories from that terrible day. The museum is in the footprint of both the twin towers, most of it underground.

Above the twisted supports looks like a surreal sculpture as most of them do there
How the towers were before 911
Just one of the many wrecked firetrucks 
The last support to be removed was signed and so many pictures and notes to people that were lost
A memorial quilt
The stairs so many of the survivors managed to escape on
A description of the Vesey Street stairs
This radio / communication antenna that was at the top of the tower 
The new tower

A memorial Outside with the reflecting pool, covered in the names of those who have lost.
As this post is a little sad I am continuing this blog in a new post.

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