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Charleston, South Carolina Part two

Charleston, South Carolina part two
Yet again the Charleston blog is in two parts as so many of you have been asking for more photos so here its is.

As Don is ex navy we just had to visit Patriots point where they have the aircraft carrier The Yorktown, a destroyer and a submarine, the submarine is in a pretty poor state.

The Yorktown was the carrier that went to collect Apollo 8

Someone we know maybe interested in this

So many planes above and below decks

This was taken from the aircraft carrier that almost sunk and saved by the crew
This must have been so fast

Our transport to the fort above in the entrance to Charleston Harbor

Fort Sumter named after the revolutionary war hero general Thomas Sumter  is a five sided structure with walls five feet thick 50ft tall and 650 men were here, there were 135 big guns.
It was built after the 1812 war, the first shot of the "war between states" the confederates held onto Fort Sunter until 1865 but was reduced to rubble by the end of the war. The fort was rebuilt after the civil war.

We enjoyed our stay in Charleston and found it very interesting but it was time to move on, so next stop will be on our way to Tennessee.

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