Friday, 31 January 2014

Virgin Gorda having fun

23 January 
Arrived at Spanish Town Virgin Gorda a 47 nm sail average SOG of 7 ish knots. 
The anchorage isn't really that big but we tucked ourselves in the corner dropping the anchor well clear of the mooring balls. After checking in and paying the fees we strolled about in Spanish Town, its not very big or exciting but we did find a place to use the internet. 

We managed to make contact with Gina from Feijao another yacht we know from Cartagena, her partner Lenny had taken the boat to Grenada while Gina stayed here as she works on Necker Island for Mr Branson. Lenny is steadily making his way back to Virgin Gorda and should be here at the end of the month.
The following evening we met up with Gina and went out for dinner at Coco Maya which had delicious Asian food. The setting is stunning, the beach has big white beds, chairs and a fire is lit so its very picturesque. 

We wish Gina a big thank you to Gina for helping us with the chaps delivery.

So off we set again, short sail 4nm to Gorda Sound / North Sound and anchored off Prickly Pear Island away from all the other yachts which are hanging off mooring balls, we like to be away from the charter boats for privacy and the danger of them hitting us.

We took the dinghy into Bitter and and Saba Rock a tiny Island resort and had a stroll about, most places have free wifi if you buy a drink. However prices are very high, beer at 5 - 6 $ each and I had a cocktail at 12$ then they stick on 15% service charge and then they expect a tip! So we won't be drinking too much ashore.

Saba Rock, a tiny island with a big price tag for the guests

The whole place it geared to very rich resort guests, the "cruisers" go shore for free internet and happy hour, say no more. I peeked inside one shop selling the normal attire for the beach, T shirts, shorts, little flimsy dresses and swimwear, I doubt I will buy anything at those prices, a simple cotton dress at 208 $ and T shirts at 65 $, I have seen better quality in Chinese bazars back home.

This is where I'm posting this blog from

So during the day we take the boat to hang off a free mooring ball at Bitter End and back out again to the anchorage well away from the hustle and bustle.

Lots of activities if you want but at a price

Always something to do here, "the internet" of course

29th January 
Took the boat into Leverick Bay to check it out, its opposite where we anchor at night, as the wind is coming from the east it makes the place very rolly, its a bit of a challenge getting into the dinghy but hey ho in we go!

Just had a couple of drinks and lunch a treat and used the internet to update the blog and contact the family.

Plans to leave for the next stop a long sail to St Maarten will be after the predicted high winds and after catching up with Lenny and Gina from Feijao.

Its a real chore having to wait for the right weather
I may add more photos to this later


Don and Glenys 

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