Wednesday, 8 January 2014

British Virgin Isles Cruising mode

This is our second cruising season and second time in the BVI's, we arrived in Sopers Hole Tortola in West End after a couple of days rest in an anchorage we have been to before in the US Virgin isles. Now is the time to get into the "cruising mood" not having to rush this time so it should all be pleasure from now on.

Sopers Hole Tortola The Main Island:
We went to  in and checked into the BVI's the permit lasts for 1 month so we planned to discover more. Last season stayed a few days and went on a taxi ride to Road Town the capital so we kind of know our way around.  

In Sopers Hole we picked up a mooring ball went ashore a few times it was the first time we have used the new dinghy and engine. Very pleased to say our engine hoist is easy for me to lift alone off the back of the boat and Don guides it onto the transom of the dinghy which is much more stable than the old one even I can stand up with confidence. 
What was supposed to be a mile walk to get a sim card for the cell phone, turned into a 3 miles hike by the time we found the shop, its a good job we took bottled water to drink as it was quite warm. Having bought the card made sure it was working my cheek paid off when I enquired if anyone was going to Sopers Hole, a very kind lady gave us a lift even though she wasn't going our way to save walking back in the dark. 

We sailed from Sopers hole and went Road Town the capital, the marina is Village Cay, we needed to speak to someone about the rigging as on the trip down from Florida we developed a horrible creaking which sounds like its coming from the foot of the mast. The rigging guy said he would have to return in the new year to fix our problem and said he didn't think it was anything to worry about.

Christmas Eve, day and boxing day was spent in the marina, there is a restaurant which is ok but the service leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well the painkiller and strawberry daiquiris helped while we waited for the food. I managed to get 3 weeks washing done and did talk one of the staff to let me use 3 washing machines, quite an achievement but wow it was warm in there I was glad to leave.

Road Town: 
As we had been here before so we knew the layout and had a great walk, visited the Pussers store and bought a rum cake as our xmas treat, 26 $ US, it lasted a little while they are very moist maybe lots of rum but I doubt it was ever made by the navy with all those artificial ingredients, never mind the coffee with rum and cake worked nicely. The town is decorated for xmas and they try their best to make the most of it.

This tree is outside the police station and is provided by the British Lions club, this used to be the main outside market.
Lots of lights and religious statues and artwork.

The poor baby Jesus looks terrified
After a short sail to Peter Island we picked up a buoy but we weren't alone for long in came the herds of charter yachts, I'm afraid some leave a lot to the imagination with their sailing skills, one guy on a catamaran was coming straight at us and left the helm, it was only when we screamed to get back on the helm did he avoid hitting us. 
Oh to be in anchorages where we can drop the anchor and settle down in private. So on Saturday we moved over to the lee of Buck Island dropped the hook, it was a little rolly but there is only one other yacht here and it was pretty quiet but a little rolly.

Almost forgot to mention as we were leaving we saw the largest turtle we have ever seen it must have been at least a metre but it did look storage it was going backwards. If I hadn't been so busy raising the sails the opportunity for a photo slipped away. We both had a lovely swim, the waters smashing I didn't want to get out, not much else to see except a few little bright blue fish and some jacks. Internet is difficult here unless you go ashore so don't expect too much.

As this blog has been so long in coming and all the chores have to be done I am breaking it down into 3 parts
Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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