Tuesday, 26 March 2013

St John US Virgin Island part 2

Position 18°20N 64° 42W
26th March and some photos from the previous blog.

St John: In Cruz bay its a busy place with lots of colourful taxis, bars and small shops we didn't check it all out which is a pity but I guess this will be one of the other isles to re visit in the future.

Here are a few photos taken at the Annaberg sugar mill.

We had heard another member of the group from Cartagena was at anchor in Coral bay so we proceeded to motor the 2 and a half hours, (wind not good on the nose). Lenny from Feijao is alone at the moment as Gina is working on Necker, so we invited him across for drinks, Don and Lenny did the Painkillers justice and a few beers too.

The photo of Coral Bay was taken when we went on the taxi trip
This is where we were at anchor in Coral Bay

Some colourful residents here

These guys are big, don't bite but a slap from the tail would be very painful

Lenny and Don
Don with his extra legs and feet

There is a very popular bar here named Skinny legs, which can get very busy, I asked the waitress "are so many people drunk they leave their shoes behind", I was right 

Floating bar I wonder if it would come to us

Zoom in to see the sign

Next stop St Thomas or Puerto Rico.

No idea if we will have the "net" so keep a look out.

Agua Therapy
Don and Glenys Graham


  1. love the bar on the boat = looks like anything goes over there - and Don in the Rasa hat is really great = what lovely scenes too = sooooo jealous = I guess the wait was worth it - huh?
    karla y jose

  2. The wait yes, the journey hmm the preparation which we thought would never end, wellits still happening. We should have started this years ago, oh well.