Saturday, 9 March 2013

Les Saintes and Montserrat now in St Kitts

Les Saintes 4th March

Making short stops a little more frequently now to check out where we will return another year when we have more time buy now heading more northerly  to where we want to spend more time. 

The French islands do seem very organised and more “upmarket” and checkin and formalities are so much easier to to say cheaper in the least. The British isles are so expensive customs 40 $ and immigration another 30$. Les Saintes 1 Euro and you checkin yourself on their pc's and have a printout for that.

Les Saintes is a group of 5 small islands which are part of Guadalupe a French dependency so the currency is the Euro, at least we recognise the coins there.
So many anchorages to visit when we return again and hopefully spend more time there.
Dominica and Les Saintes are one of the favourite stops so far they will be on our list of places to return to.

Crossings, some have been great others like from Guadalupe to Montserrat and Montserrat to St Kitts reminds us of the med, NO Wind again and fishing markers everywhere. Some of which are even smaller than in the Med, maybe a small plastic coke bottle or a bit of polystyrene about 4 inches normally just above the water. Mind you we did see a battered weather buoy which maybe worked, or not, you wouldn’t want to hit one in the dark even though its only small, I do wish I had taken a photograph.
Montserrat volcano still active
Don managed to catch a huge barracuda but said he didn’t fancy losing an arm and no way was it coming aboard this boat. I did have some amazing pictures but the Nikon has finally given up and lost all the photos we took in Montserrat, the crossing and more so pictures from now on will have to be with the little Sony which is not so good. We are hoping to find a Nikon repair place when we get to the USA.

Friday 8th March in St Kitts

Stayed in the anchorage not far from the small marina so we can take advantage of the dinghy dock, leaving the dinghy on a beach is just asking for trouble.

Yesterday we walked into town and ate at a restaurant above "the Circus"  square its said to be based on Piccadilly circus, it all seems to be very busy and a meeting point and always have traffic. Last night there was so much very loud  music from the streets when we asked why someone said well everyone gets paid on Friday so we "party" we were tired and didn't hear much after 8 at night but when I went to the loo at 4 in the morning it was even louder.

Yesterday we came into the marina and asked where the fuel pontoon was and had a blank look, no fuel in this marina so Don took a taxi to the filling station this morning to organise some fuel which came on a truck on a 50 gallon drum to the marina. 

He also came back with 2 live lobsters which was ok until they decided they wanted to fight their way out of the fridge, they destroyed the bag they were in so I guess they don't like the cold. Dinner was very nice, prepared one at a time in the biggest pan we have which is the pressure cooker, they went down quite well with 2 mojitos.

Yes that is a red phone box from the UK

So our adventure continues on Agua Therapy.


Glenys and Don

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