Friday, 12 June 2015

Leaving the Dominican Republic, off to the Bahamas, with a buddy boat.

Leaving the Dominican Republic heading for the Bahamas
16th April 19° 54 N 70° 56 W

Its 06:13 Hours off we set from Luperon in the Dominican Republic with our buddy boat Impressionist, Anne and Jim on board, it should be fun. The plan was to go to Mayaguana for an overnight stop which meant an overnight trip, we set off out of Luperon with Impressionist just behind us and by the time we had raised our main they were in front as we have to head directly into the wind, raise the main and sort the headsail.
By 10:25 the wind is between 22-25 knots and doing anywhere between 6 and 8 knots we had overtaken Impressionist, so we reef both the main a little, we then have a few moments of 28 to 30 knots the swell was a little uncomfortable but on we plod.
At 15:30 we are a few miles ahead of Impressionist and we heard them call us,
During the journey when the wind picked up and during an attempt to reef Anne called to say they had to bring down the main as a block had broken on the boom so they managed to bring back the boom and bring down the main and secure it, the problem was to head into the wind they needed the engine which failed to start. Poor things it must have been very frantic for them bringing the boom back in. At least they have a big headsail which enabled them to sail. So we turned around so we could stay close should they need any help.
17th April, its 15:00

Impressionist, at least they managed to get the main down and the boom back
We discussed how to tow them into Abrahams Bay in the south of the island an unknown place for us so we went ahead to take a peek inside to check for coral heads and the location of the reef, its very shallow there.

We approached Impressionist Jim was on the bow and I threw a line so we could tow them inside to anchor safely then we tugged them backwards to make sure the anchor had set.
So by 15:30 we had settled down for a rest in lovely calm crystal clear water.
You can always see where the anchor and chain is

22°19 N 73°01 W

18th April
The following day Don fixed them up with a soft shackle for the boom and worked with Jim to locate the engine problem, it turned out to be an electrical problem so now the engine was fixed and all good to go.

Don decided it was time for a little hull clean and snorkelled underneath the boat then across to Impressionist to clean the "log" for them (its a little wheel that turns so you know what speed you are doing and they get encrusted with all sorts of marine growths).
So I decide I will go for a little explore then over to Jim and Anne and see how Don is doing. I was just over halfway to Impressionist when I saw a 5-6ft shark which sort of looked at me then swam off, I reached the boat and asked Anne where Don was she said he had gone back to our boat, I don't know how I had missed him, I was using the GoPro on an extended pole about 3 foot long but as there was nothing to see I switched it off. As I was returning the shark returned and came very close in fact I remember thinking I will push this thing down your throat if you come any closer, I was finning backwards and it was still getting closer, it was the wrong thing to do I should have stayed still, however it was a nurse shark just interested in the activity, I was happy to get back onboard but annoyed with myself for not turning on the camera, what a missed opportunity!

Don bought back a couple of sand dollars, we found lots of these everywhere
This anchorage is huge, we only had one other boat come in, its very quiet there

Our other neighbour closer to the reef

We had a very quiet peaceful night, but I seem to remember being a little unsettled thinking about sharks.

Oh well its an adventure and all kinds of things can happen it certainly makes you think of alternative plan "Bs"

So its BFN from Agua Therapy

Glenys and Don

Its now June 12th and yes I know this is late but we have been pretty busy lately
I promise to update the blog again shortly.

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