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Savannah, second stop part one

Savannah, in the state of Georgia, love it!
Lots to see, the place triggered off memories of Forrest Gump, the start of the film where he (Tom Hanks) sits on the bench waiting for the bus to take him to see Jenny his girlfriend.
There isn't a bus stop really
The cities tourism flourishes with so many things, books, films and so much history.
A film was made from the book "Midnight in the garden of good and evil", we must read it or watch it I'm told.
Savannah has been the location of so many movies, here is a list of a few.
Savannah with
The Great Santini with Robert Duval
Cape Fear
The Gingerbread Man
The Longest Yard Burt Renolds
The Generals Daughter with John Travolta
When the Circus Came to Town Christopher Plummer
Shadow Man

The English pub where Julia Roberts stood in her pyjamas in the film Something to Talk About

I could make a huge list of movies made here but this page would be way too big so thats just a few.

As for history the town plan dates back to 1773, some of the streets are still cobbled, the stones came across the ocean from England as ballast on ships which then returned with good from America.

Juliet Gordon Low the founder of the Girl Scouts of America was born and lived here.

City Market where we walked through a pedestrianised street lined with restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries, if only we could have bought some of the wonderful paintings, oh well never mind.
The only drawback here I lost my glasses which was a real pain so reading was out for a while until a visit to find some reading glasses.
Horse carriages are everywhere

The Washington memorial

Even the drains are attractive
Again we did a tour on a trolley with commentary which took us around the city, we then returned on foot to see the places we liked the look of. This is the way we manage to take some exercise even if it is only walking, I'm so glad we have comfortable footwear, having said that I bought some peppermint and tea tree foot gel which is wonderful after walking for hours.

A bar at the top of the city market 

A tribute to "Johnny Mercer" he wrote Moon River
There is so much to see both old and new, we enjoyed a great fish lunch along the River street commonly known as River front and watched the tug boats.

Dons seafood platter

The atmosphere is lovely despite being a tourist attraction, local people are friendly and always very informative.

One of the drag shows, he/ she looks very attractive
Don at the world war 2 memorial along the River front
One of the tugs on the river
Gilded in 24 Carat gold

This lady takes people on a tour inside her house
One of the places we had heard about was the catholic cathedral which looked very impressive from the outside so at the end of the trolley tour we walked to it, wow its amazing inside. The stained glass windows show the "12 stages of the cross" the rest of the cathedral is beautifully restored.
The cathedral of St John the Baptist
The entrance


Main alter

One of the stained glass windows showing one of the 12 the stages of the cross

There are so many historic buildings here within the centre with so many stories it would take weeks to see them all and hear them all we enjoyed our time there.

Showing at the cinema
Love these big trucks
Another place we walked to was he cemetery, weird I know but lots of history there.

Such a pity I didn't have the telephoto lens with me

Family ties?

We had dinner at the Crab Shack out of town, the wait for diner took ages so some went in search too close to the water.

Another little fact, in 1857 James Pierpont who was in Savannah at the time wrote Jingle Bells, originally called one  horse open sleigh.

Right off we go, next stop Charleston
Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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