Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St Maarten still here a little stuck

Yes we are still in St Maarten, not exactly what we had planned.

Just a typical marina view
Since Don returned he has ticked off so many little jobs that had been on the list for a while. So far the seal around the sink and shower wall which was on the move is now fixed. Some of the areas which needed a lick of varnish have been done. He managed to make a new antenna for the SSB radio which is inserted into dyneema a very strong rope. Its now installed after a few sessions hoisted up the mast. While he was up there a new LED anchor light which should now be nice and bright ready for the next time at anchor.  We now have a new lifting strops for the dinghy made from dyneema, one for the bow and one for the stern. Oh and the watermaker, which we can't use in the marina, the water here is so mucky you wouldn't want to fall in let alone make drinking water from.

This little beach is not far away but its where the timeshares are in Simpson bay
Princess Juliana International Airport 
Yesterday Don went to buy some bits to complete the dinghy lifting strops, he went in the dinghy to the chandlers and noticed lots of water in the base, it turns out the chaps (new covers) are making a water scoop so they need to be tightened up, when we find the right fixings we will sort it. At first it looked like we when he went onto the plane the tubes and seal are going in different directions but it turns out now its nothing like that, panic over!

As yet we haven't ventured to far except a dinghy ride to the French side where we had a wander about and a lovely lunch.

Smashing salad to share
There was a carnival going on in Marigot and the street lights were all decorated
We took the bus into Philipsburg, wandered about and had lunch on the seafront. There were only 2 cruise ships in this time but wow was the beach busy.

One of the beach front bars

American influence, burgers 

The whole beach is full of beds and sun brolly's 

"Prince's" jacket Inside the Hard Rock Cafe 

There is a small museum which is run by the guy that made "Yoda" and the troupers for the movie Starwars, if you pay 7$ you can have your phototaken with the trouper, no thanks

Trouper 7$ to stand with him what?
Yoda, cute little thing
Last time I wrote the Heineken regatta was in full swing, we were happy to see them leave it was so difficult to walk along the pontoon because to keep the weight down while they go off to race and as they stay in hotels not on the yachts the pontoon is full of all sorts.

These would look great in the garden but very much doubt we can fit them on the boat
Most days there are new boats coming in, the place is quite busy, one morning Don said look at this going past us, it looked huge and going into a space I thought we may have a job getting into. Later that night we went to take a look, we asked a crew member what it was, she said "its a sailing yacht" she then asked another crew member what it was he said it came from a boatyard. Oh well, they sounded foreign. All we know its 100 ft long, from Valetta and is 10 years old. It has the captain and 2 crew, no doubt with every toy and gadget there can be.
Home made Pina Colada complete with 2 cherries
So here we are for now, almost ready to leave.
Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

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