Sunday, 27 May 2012

All go here with preparations

Since we moved onto the boat full time and Dons return it has been all go making alterations, mainly woodwork. The hanging wardrobes in our cabin now have shelves which gives us so much more space to store clothes and shoes. Don found more useful space below the big wardrobe too and it is now packed with winter clothes that we probably won't use unless we go to somewhere cooler and some summer things meant for the Caribbean.

For the last 2 weeks its been non stop so yesterday we had a day off and drove to Torrevieja to buy some fixings and fittings. We did buy a portable shower which is basically a black bag with a shower attachment which you fill with water and the sun warms the water. It will be invaluable when we don't have power to heat the water heater.


  1. whats wrong with a quick dip in the ocean? (one can keep guard with a spear gun)

    1. Salt water doesn't lather up very well